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California, United States
Brand Name:
Ultimate Descaler
Model Number:
purple when spent


Removes lime deposits, magnesium, calcium, corrosion, rust & dirt.

Non-distilled water contains mineral salts,of which those of
calcium and magnesium in particular, form scale. The tendency
to form scale is increased when the water comes in contact with
hot surfaces. Scale formation in process equipment causes billions of
dollars in lost revenues due to equipment down time, increased
power consumption and maintenance cost associated with scale
removal. Ultimate industrial Descaler provides a quick and simple method for bringing scaled process equipment back into service.


Ultimate Industrial Descaler is a water-based solvent containing wetting
agents, corrosion inhibitors and degreasing compounds.It is designed
to penetrate and remove encrusted lime scale, rust, corrosion
products and dirt from water-wetted surfaces in process equipment.
Ultimate Industrial Descaler can also be used to remove lime scale in
commercial and industrial applications.


With a pleasant citrus-lime fragrance that masks the obnoxious odors
normally associated with dissolving water scale and corrosion, Ultimate Industrial Descaler changes from a pale yellow color to a vivid bluish-purple color whenit is spent. It is low-foaming and quickly releases the carbon dioxide(CO2) gas generated by the reaction of lime scale with Ultimate

Industrial Descaler.

Why use Ultimate Industrial Descaler? The formation of scale in process equipment increasespressure drop, requiring more pumping horse-power to maintain volumetricthroughput. Heat transfer surfaces gradually become fouled and thermalefficiencies decrease. Pieces of scale attach themselves to rotating equipment,i.e., pumps and mixers, and cause bearing failure . If these problemssound familiar, then you know why you need to periodically clean thelime scale and rust out of the system with Ultimate Industrial Descaler.

Ultimate Industrial Descaler provides an excellent method to clean equipment withoutexpensive disassembly . In many applications, the cleaning can beaccomplished while the system is in operation . Ultimate Industrial Descaler can removescale in small, inaccessible places that cannot otherwise be cleaned. 

Why does Ultimate Industrial Descaler change color? Ultimate Industrial Descaler comes in apale yellow color that changes to a deep bluish-purple color when itis spent . There are four important advantages to this color change:

  1. You know when the solution is spent and should be discarded.
  2. You don't spend time circulating a spent solution.
  3. The color change occurs at a pH of 5 .8 to 6 .0 which is well
    within the safe disposal range of most of the current governmental waste water regulations.
  4. If the equipment is clean and Ultimate industrial descaler has not changed color, youcan save it and use it again

Where is Ultimate Industrial Descaler used? Ultimate Industrial Descaler is especiallydesigned to safely remove lime deposits or water scale from:

  • Power plant boilers and piping systems and all types of evaporating equipment
  • Equipment in refineries, utility companies, paper mills, chemical
    plants, foundries, rubber plants and other industries
  • Food processing plants, meat packing plants and breweries
  • Sewage disposal plants, water treating facilities and other municipal water handling operations
  • Any equipment that is water cooled in any manner

Ultimate Industrial Descaler is not recommended for use on aluminum, certainaluminum alloys, zinc (hot dipped galvanized sheet) and alloys of
magnesium . It is recommended that test samples of materials in
question be evaluated in the laboratory before using Ultimate industrial Descalerto treat lime or water scale deposits on these materials.


Concentrated Ultimate Industrial Descaler solution may discolor some chromed andstainless steel surfaces. It is recommended that Ultimate Industrial Descaler bediluted 1:1 with water before using on these surfaces.

Application . Ultimate Industrial Descaler is most effectively used by circulatingthrough the equipment to be cleaned . When possible, circulation shouldbe up-flow Ultimate Industrial Descaler can also be used by filling the equipment tobe cleaned and allowing it to set until scale has disappeared, The cleaningoperation normally takes two to six hours. The equipment should be ventedat all times since carbon dioxide gas evolves during the disassociation ofthe lime scale . For more detailed instructions, contact your Ultimate Industrial Descaler distributor

Availability. Ultimate Industrial Descaler is available in premium D.O.T. 34 approved55 and 30 gallon reusable drums . It is also available in 5 gallon polyethylenepails.


Ultimate Industrial Descaler meets or exceeds government regulations . Ultimate Industrial Descaler is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and nonhazardouswhen used as directed . The ingredients in Ultimate Industrial Descaler, when spent,are not listed as hazardous waste, nor does it possess any of thehazardous characteristics specified in 40 CRF 261 . Ultimate Industrial Descalerhas a low B.O.D.

Ultimate Industrial Descaler is U.S.D.A. approved acceptable for use as an acidcleaner in all departments of official establishments operating under
the Federal Meat, Poultry, Shell Egg Grading and Egg Products Inspection Program.

Ultimate Industrial Descaler meets all the requirements of the U.S . Department ofTransportation regulations given in 173 .240 (a) for shipment withouthazardous warning. Additional information on compliance with governmentalregulations can be obtained by contacting AIP Industrial Products.
Ultimate Industrial Descaler is easy to use, environmentally friendly and exceedsgovernment regulations.